Villa Manin Guerresco


The Villa Manin Guerresco is just forty minutes northeast of Venice. Built in the second half of the 17th century by the noble family Count Manin, it is surrounded by the vineyards and farmlands of the Friuli countryside. The villa is located in the medieval Borgo of Clauiano which has been given the designation among “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”.

We welcome you to “your own country home” for those moments that memories are made of. This is the quintessential place to celebrate your love of art, music, natural surroundings and the finer joys of life, la dolce vita, with simplicity and elegance. Enjoy the serenity and dignity that makes this secret corner of Italy so unique and special. Make every moment of your life count. Visit Friuli, stay at Villa Manin Guerresco, indulge yourself in our beauty and create unforgettable memories

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